May, 2021

Commuter Spotlight

Cynthia Beaumont

The best part of the holidays is sharing memories that last forever,but when a family member is disabled/elderly getting around is very difficult.I am truly grateful for NY Waterway for making something impossible, possible. That was for me to be able to take my Mom back to Radio City Music Hall one more time! Mom and I would often go to see the show yearly but she has problems walking/standing long distances.Taking a bus is simply out of the question around the holidays there often to crowded just to have a seat never mind how long you have to wait. With NY Waterway all those problems disappear ! The free shuttle buses are never crowded I have never not had a seat all to myself and there is hardly any wait time for the shuttle.The NY Waterway Shuttle bus dropped us off just a little over 1 block from Radio City Music Hall we took our time and got there with plenty of time to spare to see the show. At the end my Mom was in tears so happy to have the opportunity  to see the show one more time in person.I also want to add how polite and helpful the shuttle bus drivers are the one driver even helped my mom get up the stairs you never get that kind of service anywhere else other then the NY Waterway.

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