September, 2020

Customer Spotlight

Hi I'm Cynthia Beaumont I'm a vlogger / Blogger who does product reviews. I often travel to New York to make my vloggs about shopping.

I am Thrilled to be NY Waterway's Spotlight Customer for the month of May! Me and my family have been riding the NY Waterway since the 90's! I remember way back when there was no terminal like the modern high tech one we have now! I love the big screens were the real time ferry wait time is listed. That lets me know if I have time to grab a quick snack. The smell of that fresh popcorn! The free NYWW buses are great who has time to get the metro card or carry $2.50 in change. The 34th street bus is my favorite it goes right to Macy's! and the pick up is directly in front of Macy's which is so convenient when you have lots of shopping bags! The 57th street Ferry Bus stop in another favorite stop of mine love all the stores on 5th avenue and I look forward to seeing what the latest display there in Rockefeller center.

Thank you for choosing me to be your Spotlight customer for the month of May.
Here is the link to my Blog I wrote about the NY Waterway http://tinyurl.com/cokezfo
I also made a Pinterest Board http://pinterest.com/babycat1216/ny-waterway-ferry-the-midtown-terminal/
I was able to make two videos I don't know if you want them but here are the links:


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