September, 2020

Customer Testimonials

At NY Waterway, we like to think of our customers as family. What our customers think is important to us, and here you can view just a small selection of the many customer reviews we have on our services.


Margarita Lentini
"I have been using your service for the last 1 1/2 years daily.  We are all quick to complain when something is wrong but seem to hesitate to give a compliment. I was riding on the 5:40pm midtown to NJ ferry when I witnessed one of your ferry crew, Will Nieves, take the time to assist a passenger who was blind. His kindness and compassion was evident and commendable. In this day and age, that kindness uncommon and I wanted you to know that people like Will are hard to come by and I am very appreciative to know that he is the caliber of employee that NY Waterway retains. With service like this, I will continue to make daily trip to NYC with your service for years to come."


Jennifer M.

I wanted to say thank you to Sylvia and Bernice for looking through what were probably hundreds and hundreds of tickets today to find my lost pass which i mistakenly gave to one of the deck hands this morning.  I was beside myself today. I couldn't believe I handed over my pass on the first of the month, no less! I am so grateful to these ladies for their kind assistance. Amazing customer service!! NY Waterway has fantastic employees. It's why I won't go back to any other form of transportation to commute into the City. Thank you again Bernice and Sylvia you literally made my month!!


I know many people usually send complaints to this email however it is important to also give credit when people take their jobs seriously and make the everyday commute more pleasurable. I would like to commend Cathy, one of your ticket agents I see every day on the boat.
Not only is she very professional with her attitude but most important, she always greats you with a smile and has the best of attitudes. It is a pleasure having her on the boat every day, she always makes the daily commute a little better. :)


"I wanted to reach out and thank you and your staff for the exemplary service that you provide. I have used the ferry extensively between Hoboken 14th Street, and W39th street since May of last year, and am always impressed by the staff, and their courteousness, helpfulness, and just pleasant demeanor. I know that they work very long days, having seen the same older gentleman on the 6.20 ferry in the morning, and the 7pm back at night, but they are always pleasant, and helpful (a massive contrast to employees on the PATH or MTA!). They were particularly helpful to my wife who traveled across heavily pregnant, and I am thankful that they are there, and that they care so much. I enjoy using the ferry for my commute, I take it a number of times a week, (not every day as the cost soon racks up), and found myself wondering why it is not utilized more, and how you may keep some of the people who have tried the ferry during the PATH closure using the service. Whether it is reduced price ticketing, loyalty cards, peak and off peak pricing, or marketing to people particularly in the Shipyard, and other residences in Northern Hoboken I don’t know. I work as a marketing director for Single Malt Scotches for a family owned distiller, so, marketing is my thing, and I’d love to be part of any focus groups, ideation, or trial schemes you may wish to run. I love riding the ferry, having a view of Manhattan, rather than being crushed into someone’s armpit is just so much more civilized. I’d just love you guys to be even more successful, you and your staff deserve it."

"Dear NYW Team,
I just received the very kind email from Mr. Imperatore through The Shipyard and wanted to extend my appreciation. I have only lived in Hoboken a short time and moved across while I was pregnant with my 4 month old son. With the ferry on my doorstep, you became my new transportation. Your staff were beyond helpful and made every journey so enjoyable. They helped me on and off, always asked how I was feeling and always had a nice thing to say. I am forever loyal because of this. Until the email this morning, I had no idea this was a family operation and was so pleased to read this. I sincerely hope you are able to retain all your new customers from the storm. Your quick, professional management of the increased ridership was truly fantastic and the email was such a nice gesture. You find yourselves in a unique business position of just having had hundreds of trial customers. I will keep my fingers crossed they all stick with you as they return to work in 2013.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year - Cheers!"


Natasha ‏@TashE228

"The only good thing about going to work this early is the beautiful ferry ride to Wall Street. Thanks @ridetheferry"


Kelly R. Maguire ‏@KellyRMaguire
"@ridetheferry is the best and the employees are so friendly!!"

Joanna Belbey ‏@Belbey
"@Kikidell taking @ridetheferry is such a treat #bestcommuteever"


"I've said this before and I'll say it again- the NY Waterway staff on the boats are the best. Always so helpful & pleasant."


Joshua Baris
"This Thanksgiving I would like to personally say thank you to the NY Waterway. I am thankful that you have safely brought my wife, family and friends home after so many disasters such as the 9/11 attacks & the US Airways flight 1549. If it were not for the amazing commute that the NY Waterway provides, my wife would probably spend another 2 hours commuting to and from work each day. This equates to 5200 hours or 216 days of additional time I have spent with my wife thanks to you.
Additionally, because of your amazing ferry service you have helped my business as a leading Realtor along NJ's Gold Coast bringing many buyers to our area from NYC. Thanks again and I wish all of the employes for NY Waterway and their families a Happy Thanksgiving and Joyous Holiday Season! Warm regards, Joshua Baris "


Art Rojas
@ridetheferry thank you! That was my first time riding the ferry :) beautiful way to start the day & make the voyage to Manhattan. #bigfan

Stephanie Kathreptis
@ridetheferry kudos for a MUCH better commute this morning and for spending the extra money on extra buses for us

Harris Markowitz
@ridetheferry The academy buses you have today are great!! Keep up the good work for all of us that live in #Hoboken.

Megan Kara
Thank you @ridetheferry for making my commute from downtown Hoboken to lower Manhattan a breeze this week. Love the app!

Cristin Riffle-Lash
@ridetheferry doing a great job today! Like clockwork! Thanks

Jamie Kauffman
@ridetheferry I've gotta agree, riding the ferry was a breeze today, especially with the pre purchased ticket on their awesome app.

Dan S ‏
Going to NYC for the first time since #Sandy @ridetheferry from paulus hook. Pleasantly surprised to see larger ferry being used. Bravo!

Mynor Martinez ‏
Not for nothing but the @ridetheferry station from hoboken into wfc is beautiful. Plus, I'm on a boat with cushioned seats and heat.

Ankur Rakshit
@ridetheferry No line at all today at Paulus Hook. Got there early, purchased the smartphone ticket in advance. Great job, #NYWaterway

Mark Quigley ‏
With PATH down and out, been riding the ferry @ridetheferry between Jersey City and Manhattan. Very impressed.

Ryan Sullivan
@ridetheferry side note- your customer service must be incredible if you're answering tweets this late at night!

Jen Dowd
Hi have been a NY WaterWay customer for over ten years. Currently I am week day customer from Pier 79 to Paulus Hook. I commuted this week Wednesday-Friday. I arrived at Pier 79 Wednesday morning and had the fortune of speaking with James "Jimmy" a WaterWay employee who spent several days at the terminal during the hurricane doing what he could to protect and maintain safety at the pier at his own personal risk. I experienced over the next several days unprecedented number of travelers (that is how it felt to me) and the WaterWay staff remained professional, focused on efficiency and safety. Just wanted to thank the staff and let them know they are very much appreciated. Many thanks

MJ Campbell
I'm using the Ferry from now on. No more driving in. Its so much easier anyway it seems.

Cynthia Beaumont
I can't believe what a great job your doing with all the updates and so quickly answering everyone's questions always First Class service every step of the way! Thank You NY Waterway for being there for us and getting us to the city and home, nice to know we can always count on you!
Gene Rotter
I was one of the first folks to make it back to Jersey on Wednesday since Sunday afternoon. Thanks for getting me home that day and it was great to see my friend Diane Turzyn


Heidi Jeppesen Gornik
I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to both NY WATERWAY & ACADEMY BUS LINES for being proactive and getting the fantastic buses for the 42nd St loop this morning!! I was dreading the shuttle commute this morning, as it has just been so congested due to the extra commuters that the ferry is accommodating, but this actually made for a pleasant commute & I thank you dearly!

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