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Hoboken Council Members:
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The Truth about NY Waterway’s Union Dry Dock Facility

NY Waterway's new facility at Union Dry Dock in Hoboken is critical to our continued ability to effectively serve the people of Hoboken, Hudson County & New Jersey.

After 135 years of marine use, the Union Dry Dock site fell into a state of great dilapidation. NY Waterway will transform it into a waterfront gem for the people of Hoboken.


NY Waterway will create a beautified public greenspace. It includes a wider landscaped promenade, new fishing pier & kayak landing. Its streetfront fencing will be see through (not a view-obstructing wall).


The NY Waterway UDD plan is self-funded and includes a modern attractive marina, public greenspace, recreational enhancements, and protection of Hoboken Cove erosion. All at no cost to Hoboken taxpayers.


We are committed to providing reliable quality ferry service to the City of Hoboken and its neighbors. More than 30,000 people a day rely on NY Waterway's 10 New Jersey terminals. In times of emergency, more than 250,000 people in Manhattan have relied on NY Waterway for safe passage home.

NY Waterway's Union Dry Dock facility is vital to the people of Hoboken, Hudson County & New Jersey. Please voice your support!

Recent Interview
by the Pulse
(of Hoboken)

with Arthur Imperatore,
Founder & President of NY Waterway.

Renderings of the NY Waterway Union Dry Dock Facility
(The fence is see through, not obstructing the view from the walkway.)