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Our App Delivers a Contact-Free Experience

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The Ferries are running for you.

  • Enjoy our open-air top decks
  • Spacious, clean fresh-air cabins
  • Free paperless ticketing App
  • Fast, frequent & reliable Ferries
  • Free multi-route shuttles in Midtown
  • Easy connections from NJ TRANSIT Rail & Bus



Our App gives you a true contact-free experience.

1. Download the NY Waterway Ferry App from the Apple or Google Play Stores.
2. Log in, or if you're a new user create a new account.
3. Tap the Buy Ticket Icon and select the tickets you would like to purchase and proceed to checkout.
4. Select or add your desired payment method and confirm your order.
5. Your app tickets will be added to your account and can be accessed anytime by tapping the "Available Tickets" icon.
You should activate your ticket as soon as you are in the terminal and you can see the ferry approaching. Our App has the option of storing the tickets in the secure cloud or on your device. Storing a ticket on your device is the fastest way to activate your ticket as it needs no signal from your phone carrier or WiFi connection. Ticket Storage is an option under settings.
One of the many responsibilities that the deckhands have is the collection of tickets. When you activate a ticket on the App it has moving animation, date and time the ticket was activated and the origin and destination terminals, those items plus your tapping of the screen that changes colors verifies you have a real App ticket. The deckhand is not responsible for showing you how the App works and should never handle your phone. If you cannot present a valid active App ticket you must purchase a paper ticket and contact our customer service department for help.
Your monthly ticket is valid in the calendar month in which it is activated. Once activated your monthly pass is only valid on the device you activated it on for that day. Monthly tickets are meant for a single user just like a monthly paper ticket.
Yes, just select the number of individuals traveling with you and it will show on your ticket when presented to the deckhands.
A monthly pass can be purchased at anytime. They do not become valid until activated however, the App will not allow you to activate a monthly ticket after the 10th of the month
In the event that this should occur you would be required to purchase another ticket for your travel. It is recommended that you do not activate your ticket until you are at the ferry terminal and you see the ferry approaching.
App unused tickets expire 1-year from date of purchase.
You would need to purchase a ticket from the Ticket Vending Machine or Ticket Agent if the location you're at has one.
Multiple credit cards can be used to purchase tickets.
No, you would need to purchase a ticket. We cannot be responsible for phones not working, batteries dying or any phone/carrier related issues.
All personal and credit card information are stored on a securely encrypted PCI compliant server.
Ticket expiration is based on route (most app tickets live for 30 minutes) and the ticket should only be activated when you see the vessel approaching the dock.
There is no way to see how much time is left on the active ticket. However, the bottom of the active ticket shows the date and time the ticket was activated.
Your account and tickets are stored on a secure server. Once you replace your device, simply download the App again and just sign onto your account and all your information will be there. If you tickets were stored on your device you should contact customer service (800-533-3779) to have them unlocked and moved to the cloud. If you know before hand that you are replacing your device you should go into the App settings - Ticket Storage and move the tickets on your phone to the cloud.
Credit card information can be deleted and re-entered but not changed at this time. To delete a credit card on the iPhone you simply swipe you finger on the credit card to delete on the Android, you just tap and hold until it asks you if you want to delete this credit card.
The App is not supported on a jail-broken phone.