October, 2019

Featured Daily Commuter

Hi! My name is John Parrinello. I have been commuting with NY Waterway for about 3 years and take the Paulus Hook to Pier 11 Route. The purpose of my commuting is getting to and from work. Commuting with NY Waterway allows me to navigate the perils of the NY Harbor Way while getting to work. I also love using Foursquare to check into the NY Waterway locations I use, typically at Paulus Hook and Pier 11! I am trying to become the “mayor!!” I have been living in the area for about 3 years, making my living as an Equity Sales Trader.  

I grew up in Queens, NY and moved to Jersey City when I got engaged. Moving to the other side of the river was hard for me (being from Queens) but commuting via NY Waterway certainly makes it worthwhile for me (especially when I don’t have to stand on a crowded train!).

For fun I do a little of this and a little of that! In the winter I enjoy snowboarding. In the Summer months I enjoy taking boat rides and going to the beach. I practice Yoga, play video games, and LOVE Apple Products!

I got married to my wife Tracy about 4 months ago, and she is also a NY Waterway Commuter! She even commuted using NY waterway while living in Hoboken. We work together at the same Equity Sales Trading firm, which is where we got the opportunity to meet one another. When I proposed to her, I did it adjacent to the Pier 11 location, at South Street Seaport, and even took the NY Waterway Ferry to get there!

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